Wasatch Life Television
  • The EBRU Network is coming to Utah

    Get ready for Family Friendly Programming that Entertains and Educates
  • WHO's coming to Wasatch Life Television

    Get ready for recent and classic episodes of Dr. WHO.
  • Adventure Kids Television

    Discover great Outdoor Adventures from a Kids Point of View.
  • Primeval

    See Primeval Thursday Evenings on Wasatch Life Television.
  • Quarter Acre Homestead

    Learn Homesteading Skills from raising Chickens to Sustainable Gardening.
  • Country Girl Television

    Country Girl Television Show.
  • Catalyst is coming to Wasatch Life

    Science and Technology is featured on Catalyst.
  • On Target Television

    Archery Television at it's Finest.
  • Lunker Television

    Catch some great Tips, Fun and Fish Stories on Lunker Television.
  • Campfire Concerts

    Enjoy a front row Seat with some of Utah's local Artists.
  • Sea Patrol is coming to Utah

    Watch Sea Patrol Wednesday Nights on Wasatch Life Television
  • Wasatch Garden

    Great Gardening along the Wasatch Front
  • Twice in a Lifetime

    See Twice in a Lifetime on Wasatch Life TV.
  • Utah Sportsman

    Hunting and Fishing Opportunities and Conservation Projects.
  • Sugar Creek Gang

    The Sugar Creek Gang is coming to Wasatch Life Television.
  • Backcountry Television

    Summer and Winter Backcountry Adventures.
  • Snake Crusader is coming to Wasatch Life Television

    Watch the Snake Crusader on Wasatch Life Television
  • Utah Fishing Report

    Fishing Hotspots throughout Utah.
  • Blue Highways Television

    Coming soon to Wasatch Life Television.
  • Trigger Time Television

    Guns, Gear and Safe Shooting Fun.
  • Destinations Television

    Discover great Escapes on Destinations Television.
  • See Robin Hood

    Robin Hood is coming to Utah.
  • Beehive Preppers

    Prepare for any Emergency with Beehive Preppers.
  • Dry Creek

    Dry Creek is coming to Wasatch Life Television
  • Trailrider TV

    Discover Utah's great OHV and Snowmobile Trails.
  • Call of the Wild

    See Jack London's Call of the Wild Monday Nights on Wasatch Life Television.
  • Utah Hiking

    The Trailhead to New Hiking Adventures.
  • Junk'd is coming to Wasatch Life Television

    The Home Makeover Show with a Twist
  • Ghost Town Getaway

    Discover our rich Western History each Week.
  • Roadside Stories

    Award winning Roadside Stories is coming to Utah
  • Smokin' Irons

    Quick Draw Cowboy Action Shooting Excitement.
  • Cake Walk

    See Cake Walk on Wasatch Life Television.
  • Wild Outdoors Television

    Discover Utah's amazing Wildlife.
  • Blue Highways is coming to Wasatch Life Television

    Music, Rural Life and Stories are coming to Wasatch Life Television.
  • Cooking with Fire Television
    Cooking with Fire

    Grilling, Barbecue, Dutch Oven Cooking and Campfire Cooking.
  • Utah Hunting TV

    Prepare for the Hunts with Advice from the Experts.

Wasatch Life Television-- Home to Family Friendly Programming

Recreation and Lifestyle TV that Entertains, Educates, Inspires and Motivates.

Have you ever wished that there was a full service commercial television station that more fully reflected your community values, shared your stories, and celebrated your heroes? One that entertains, educates, motivates and inspires viewers to live life to the fullest? Now there is.

Since television went digital in 2009, new opportunities have emerged, allowing more than one station to broadcast from a single channel. Many of Utah's stations have chosen to stream national feeds from other networks or ignore this new possibility to serve the community.

Wasatch Life Television 20-2 is owned and operated independent of every other station including primary station, KTMW 20-1. We are replacing Retro TV to create a new destination station on the dial for your family.




Latest Updates


Over the Air Coverage on 20-2

Wasatch Life Television is Utah's newest local commercial television station which will soon begin broadcasting over the air on Channel 20-2 along the Wasatch Front from Brigham City to Payson.

Wasatch Life Television will be available to the Salt Lake Metro area-- a population of 2.25 million viewers, and Statewide throughout Utah on Cable and Satellite Providers. The signal covers a 60 mile contour / 11,333 square mile area and the bulk of Utah's population.

Broadcasting from Farnsorth Peak, the signal reaches a majority of communities along the Wasatch Front with a strong and clear signal. Homes on the Southern end of our broadcast area are receiving the signal at 100% strength.

Partnering with Cable and Satellite Companies will extend our reach to homes without access to over the air television and/or beyond our broadcast coverage area.



Finding us on Cable and Satellite Providers

We are actively working with Cable and Satellite Providers to provide Wasatch Life Television to homes throughout Utah.

If you are interested in having Wasatch Life Television on your favorite station provider, please connect with them and let them know you want Wasatch Life Television.

We also ask that you participate in our survey to know where you live and want Wasatch Life Television.

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Discover Our Activities

We feature a wide range of healthy lifestyle activities. Wasatch Life Television will fill many of the voids left by other commercial television stations.

Programming will include prime time coverage of outdoor related recreation, current events, adventure travel, home and garden, self reliance and emergency preparedness along with family friendly movies, education, and entertainment.


As an independent broadcaster, Wasatch Life Television will carefully select a blend of local, national and international programming, which will reflect Utah's core family values, honor tradition, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Since we are an independent voice, we are not required to run programming that is contrary to our own community standards and values as other major stations do.

We will share the stories that are not being told. We will celebrate history, events, heroes and opportunities with viewers throughout the heart of Utah. We will share stories from partnering businesses, travel opportunities, destination locations, and heart warming human interest stories that will appeal to the viewers in our area.

Wasatch Life Television 20-2 is creating a stage that will be visible throughout the Wasatch Front and serve the community with features focused on communities with whom we partner. This station will serve as a beacon to viewers throughout the Wasatch Front and bring families and businesses to the community to discover these opportunities on their own.

Wasatch Life Television is brought to you by the producers of Western Life Radio and Backcountry Utah celebrating 23 years of broadcasting excellence.


Discover great Local Programming

From outdoor recreation, adventure travel, preparedness and healthy living to home and garden, campfire concerts and family movie nights, we will be featuring family friendly programming that will entertain, educate, motivate and inspire.

We are currently connecting with many content producers to be a part of our family to also share their stories, adventures, wisdom and talents.

We will fill niches that are currently under served in our communities with a wide range of family and community centered programming and plan on becoming a significant part of many lives throughout the Wasatch Front.


Outdoor Recreation Adventure Travel Home and Garden Community Spotlight
Family Friendly Movies Business Spotlight Education Culture
Emergency Preparedness Healthy Lifestyle Self Reliance Kid's Programming
Living History Destinations Hometown Heroes Restaurant Features
Healthy Lifestyle Events and Activities Cooking Local Entertainment


We will spotlight local commerce, restaurants, and nearby recreational destinations. We will focus on what makes your community great and why viewers will want to visit.

We invite you to be part of Wasatch Life Television as a viewer, a sponsor, community partner or content producer. Please feel free to contact us to learn how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity.

As Utah's newest Television Station, we would love your feedback to know what interests you most and how you receive your television content. Please click the link below to participate in our survey for a chance to win prizes after Wasatch Life Television launches.

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Wasatch Life Television Updates

Taylor Gunsmithing


Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight

Share your company's story with the community with our Business Spotlight.

Call Becky at 801 - 923 - 2267 (CAMP) for more information.


Top Rate Internet and Phone Service

Providing lightning fast Internet and Phone Services for Business and Home.

Trailblazer Awards

Trailblazer Awards

The Wasatch Life Trailblazer Award recognizes those that go the extra mile--to ensure that other folks have a better outdoor experience. From picking up trash left behind or educating the next generation of sportsmen and sportswomen, this award spotlights their efforts that may often go unnoticed by the general public.



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